Setting up the sound for Southern Cross Community Church in seven easy steps

How to set up the sound system at Southern Cross Community Church in eight easy steps. You can watch the entire video or click on the time stamp below and go straight to the section you would like to watch.

Step # 1 (6 seconds) – Setting up the room (tables and chairs)

Step # 2 (1m 31s) – Setting up the Audio Cable (aka the snake)

Step # 3 (2m 35s) – Setting up the sound desk (Zoom L-12)

Step # 4 (4m 26s) – Setting up the speaker stands and speakers

Step # 5 (10m 17s) – Setting up the foldback speakers

Step # 6 (13m 55s) – Plugging in the microphones

Setting up the wireless lapel microphone (18m 39s)

Step # 7 (21m 25s) – Setting up the “DI” for instruments

Reading the user manual can help understand the system.

Sound Desk: ZOOM L-12 – User Manual

Main Speakers: RCF 315A’s – User Manual

Fooldback Speakers: JBL IRX108BT’s – User Manual (Long version)User Manual (Short version)

Sennheisser EW 100 Wireless Lapel Microphone – User Manual

BenQ MS551 DLP Projector – User Manual