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What we believe

We worship God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe we are called to community – the church – to participate in God’s redemptive work in this world that he loves.

We believe Jesus came from God, sharing in our humanity and showing us an example of love and sacrifice. He died to release us from our alienation from God and to restore a disordered creation. This work is still very much in progress, and we believe all are invited on the journey of salvation and restoration.

We believe the Holy Spirit – the spirit of Jesus – is at work in our church in the lives of all who know him. As we allow God to guide us by his Spirit, we look for ways to love and serve our community. We look to God, to the bible, and to the Spirit’s leading for  guidance in faith and life.

As a community of those who worship God, we are committed to working for justice in  society and for the protection and enhancement of God’s creation, pointing the way to God’s ways and his calling. While working for the kingdom in the present we also look forward to the perfect kingdom of God.

What Southern Cross Values

The values of the Southern Cross Community Church influence all that we do. They are the ‘ethics’ which control the ‘What Matters’ and ‘Who Matters’.

  1. We value an authentic community that is committed to building loving relationships, welcoming people ‘where they are at’, no matter their age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.
  2. We value the bible as a guide in the lives of individuals and the church. It is to be communicated with excellence and reveals Jesus in such a way as to transform lives.
  3. We value people who do not have a personal friendship with God.
  4. We value involvement where people discover their spiritual gifts and use them to build the church.
  5. We value being culturally relevant without compromising biblical authenticity.
  6. We value building teams that accomplish the ministry of the church.
  7. We value small groups for connection and life change.
  8. We value the centrality of Christ as the head of his church and the vital role of the Spirit in all that is done in the church.
  9. We value prayer, baptism, and regular participation in communion. We look to the example of Jesus for guidance in our lives.
  10. We value leadership that integrates people by abandoning itself to the strengths of others, being vulnerable to what others can do better than we can.

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