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What we believe

We worship the only God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whose creative, outgoing love overflowed from the divine community to create the universe and who now calls us to share in eternal life and love and to participate in the fulfilment of divine purposes.

In grace and humility Jesus, the only Son of the Father, shared our humanity and became our example of service and sacrifice. Out of love for the world he suffered the consequences of human sin and died in order to overcome the power of the evil one; to release humanity from alienation from God and from being captive to self-centred sinfulness; and to restore a disordered creation. The power of the Father defeated death and brought new life to Jesus who now reigns as Lord of all and who, through the active presence of the Spirit, calls for repentance, brings the possibility of forgiveness and gives new life to all those who live in union with him.

Christians live in the power of the Spirit, who is the Spirit of Jesus, as a single community of God’s people. We are filled with the Spirit who transforms lives and characters according to the example of the Lord Jesus, and the church is built up by the gifts of ministry and service, which the Spirit brings. The life of the church is guided by God through the Scriptures, which are uniquely inspired, and the final authority for Christian faith and practice.

As a community of those who worship God and live in fellowship we are called to bring to everyone the good news of the salvation which can only be found in life with the Lord Jesus Christ. We are committed to work for justice in every society and to protect and enhance God’s creation. While working for the kingdom in the present we also look forward to the return of the Lord Jesus bringing justice to all and the glorious, perfect kingdom of God.

What Southern Cross Values…

The values of the Southern Cross Community Church influence all that we do. They are the ‘ethics’ which control the ‘What Matters’ and ‘Who Matters’.

  1. We value an authentic community that is committed to building loving relationships, welcoming people ‘where they are at’, developing sensitivity towards different age groups within the church ‘family’ and offering practical assistance to those in need.
  2. We value the bible as God’s final authority in the lives of individuals and the church. It is to be communicated with excellence and reveals Jesus in such a way as to transform lives.
  3. We value people who do not have a personal friendship with God. We view evangelism as a matter of urgency.
  4. We value involvement where people discover their spiritual gifts and use them to build the church. Where people are committed to using their natural talents to enhance the effectiveness of the church. Where people give rather than ponder what they can ‘get’ from the church.
  5. We value worship that is mutually enjoyed by people and God, which is expressed in every area of a person’s life.
  6. We value being culturally relevant without compromising biblical authenticity.
  7. We value building teams that accomplish the ministry of the church.
  8. We believe that life change is consistently experienced in small groups.
  9. We value the centrality of Christ as the head of his church and the vital role of the Spirit in all that is done at Southern Cross Community Church.
  10. We value prayer, baptism, regular participation in the Lord’s supper and obedience to his life and teaching as an individual’s loving response to Jesus Christ.
  11. We value leadership that integrates people by abandoning itself to the strengths of others, being vulnerable to what others can do better than we can.

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