What is the Renew Monty space?

Renew Monty is a space of welcome and inclusion where it’s ok not to be ok.

Renew Monty is run by volunteers from local churches, and works in conjunction with local mental health teams to improve mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Renew Monty is a simple space run by local churches where hobbies and activities are shared or co-produced. There is also a quiet room or prayer space where inner habits of wellbeing are shared. We partner with mental health professionals to ensure good inclusive practices for our safe space so that the philosophy of “it’s OK not to be OK” can be sustained.  

Being prayerful • Being present • Being in partnership

If you’re interested in volunteering for Renew, please fill in this online form and we will be in touch.

For more information about renew wellbeing, go to https://www.renewwellbeing.org.uk/