Lindsay Tunbridge


Senior Pastor

Most of my time at Southern Cross Community Church is spent creating space for people to mature and flourish in their relationships with God, others and themselves. I enjoy reflecting on theological and psychological perspectives that support individual health and wellbeing and also seek to integrate these into our community life. I have completed doctoral studies in theology and am currently undertaking postgraduate studies in psychology (PhD) in order to provide a robust underpinning to my ministry roles. The Bible gives us access to the teachings and life of Jesus who perfectly modelled healthy perspectives in every area of his life. Therefore, I feel communicating the Bible accurately in relational and relaxed ways makes these important issues accessible to everyone. I am also a member of the Australian Centre on Quality of Life and The International Wellbeing Group and currently investigating the subjective wellbeing of people affected by leprosy in Nepal and India, educational contexts designed to improve student wellbeing in Australia, and Subjective Wellbeing Homeostasis Theory as an integrative model for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness in clinical contexts treating depression.​ I am married and have two wonderful children. I enjoy bike racing, particularly criteriums , and leading treks in Nepal to support  people affected by leprosy.

Alex Zavadil


Associate Pastor

I pastorally care for our youth and young adults with a particular focus on our youth and young adults ministry leaders, who in turn care for others. I also focus on weekly teaching and preaching with our youth. I’m passionate about teaching the bible with an emphasis on how it was relevant to the original hearers and then applying it in such a way that shows how it’s relevant for our lives today. I often tend to find myself coming back to two key themes: Power and Suffering, which both come into sharp focus in the death and resurrection of Jesus. I have an engineering background and have completed postgraduate level studies in Theology (MDiv). I worked part time for the past seven years as a high school chaplain at St Helena Secondary College whilst also working at Southern Cross. Having recently finished up in my role as a High School Chaplain I have begun lecturing in Theology and New Testament Studies at Eastern College Australia. I’m married with three beautiful kids. I enjoy running, and watching comedy and sci-fi – Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory, Star Trek.

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