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What we believe

We worship the only God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whose creative, outgoing love overflowed from the divine community to create the universe and who now calls us to share in eternal life and love and to participate in the fulfilment of divine purposes.

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Philosophical Arguments for the Existence of God

Does God Exist? Well, there are a number of philosophical arguments which aren’t meant to be proofs but seem to show that God’s existence is much more plausible than his non-existence.  Each argument stands on its own, but together they make it even more likely that God exists.  These arguments (wholly apart from faith and a personal experience of God) form strong evidence (but not proof) of God’s existence.  The ultimate conclusion is that it’s reasonable for a person to think that God exists. In fact, if the arguments are sound, thinking that God exists is more reasonable than thinking that God doesn’t exist!

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Southern Members

Southern Cross member access to safe document area.

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Therapeutic Gardening/Landscape Conference Summary

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Category 1: BUV Our Church is a Safe Place

This document has been written to inform our Victorian Baptist Churches of the rules, regulations and guidelines of their Duty of Care. It is written with many aspects of Church ministries in mind, particularly in the area of working with children, young people and other groups of vulnerable people within our society.


Category 1: BUV Code of Ethics and Companion Guide


Category 1: BUV Guidelines for Healthy Church Pastor Relationships


Small Group Bible Studies: Part 2



Churches of Revelation

N/T Churches

Values Study: Pdf and Song link for Week 1

Values pdf

Song: “Here’s my Heart”

Values Study: Video link for Week 2

Values vs Goals

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